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As Lafia diocese marks the end of its synod on 11th Feb. 2012, convened by the Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Matthew I. Audu, three priests were ordained for the Catholic Diocese of Lafia.

The Ordaining Prelate was the Most Revd Gregory Ochiagha Bishop Emeritus of Orlu diocese. He was at the occasion at the invitation of the bishop of the diocese of Lafia to conclude the synod and ordain the deacons into the order of the priesthood.

In his homily at the Occasion Bishop Ochiagha congralutated the bishop of Lafia, the priests and the laity for the successful completion of the synod. He acknowledge the fact that it was a courages act taken by the bishop, knowing fully well what he went through when he first convene a similar synod in his diocese.

He called on all to be Light of the earth and Salt of the earth as the theme of the synod suggest. He emphasised the fact that the resolution taken at the synod are mere proposals to the bishop who is not oblige to effect all. This is owing to the Grace that the office of the bishopric confers on him.

To the ordinands of the day, he drew there attention to the fact that the are to serve as tourch bearers of the synod, given that the are ordained at the end of the synod and will therefore in future be looked upon as synodal priest of the diocese. He said this is a wonderful advertisment for them. He admornishes them to be the salt and the light of Lafia diocese whereever they will find themselves.

He called on all to look up to their bishop because he stands as a symbol of Humility, committment, zeal and hardwork. He said the bishop is a cheerful man and this should inspire all members of his diocese. He reminded all to be loyal to the bishop because he has the fullness of the priesthood. He therefore appealed to the bishop to try to bring all his priests closer to him because they (priests) lack the fullness of the priesthood. He is to pray for all his priests and try to admornish erring ones by trying to put them on the right track.

He thanked the parents of the ordinands and thanked them for presenting their children to the service of the church. He called on them to always pray for their children who today embrace this noble vocation.

He called on all to be close to Jesus especially in the Blessed Sacrament. He pleaded with all to find time at least one hour everyday before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He told the new ordain to make it their habit to always seek Christ face in the Blessed Sacrament.

He said it is providential and not accidental that our ordinands are being ordained today on the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. He therefore enjoys the ordinands to be close to our lady because anyone who comes to her always successes. He adviced all who would love to go on pilgrimage to go to Lourdes. For he said they will never regret it.

The high point of the occasion was the ordination through the laying of hands and prayer of consecration.

There were a lot of priests in attendance from Makurdi, kaduna, Okigwe, Orlu, Abuja and St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary were the ordains finished.

At the end the bishop of Lafia thanked all who came most especially the Most Rev. Dr. Gregory Ochiagha for coming to perform the ordination even at short notice. He prayed God to continue to bless him with good health of mind and body in his retirment.

Before the close of the mass the bishop acknowledge the good works of the different groups that help to see to the success of the Synod most especially the Synod committe with Fr. Mike Jaki as its chairman and Fr. Vincent Ogegya who served as the secretary.

The bishop then announced the posting of the new ordinands and also announced the creation of New Independent mission areas.

Those ordained include: Rev. Fr. Allu Innocent, Rev. Fr. Alfred Azige and Rev. Fr. Fabian Nwokocha. The new priests have since celebrated their thanksgiving Masses in their respective parishes. We say a big congratulations to them.

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