God our heavenly father, you are a God of infinite mercy and love, a God of compassion and kindness, You are the source of all we have and are.

May we your children in Lafia Diocese, recognize and acknowledge that our Eucharistic Family ties is far more important than our blood or tribal, ethnic or religious, colour or language affiliations.

We beg you to pour out your Holy Spirit upon us that would inspire us to share your your gifts of love, care, justice and peace with our brothers and sisters as a concrete way of witnessing to your kingdom.

This we ask through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


God all ages, Lord of all time, You are the Alpha and the Omega, You are the Origin and Goal of everything that lives; yet you are ever close to those who call on you in faith.

Teach us to share the land you have given us in the Spirit of your generosity with our brothers and sisters

Teach us to bring peace and reconciliation in Nasarawa State which has been torn apart with strife and disorder.

Guide our leaders with wisdom so that they will come out with geniune and lasting solution to this crisis without shedding more human blood.

Please God save our lives, for this Crisis is beyond our strength. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


We are a Eucharistic family 

witnessing to the Kingdom of God God

Sharing and caring in our vision 

Holy Spirit Sanctify us (2x)


Lafia Diocese, (Go out, go out 2x)

Go out to witness, go out to share, go out to care 

We beseech you.

Believe and witness the love of God.

Evangelize with justice, and service

Sharing and caring in our vision

Holy Spirit sanctify us (2x)