Lafia Diocese ordains Seven Deacons
In the celebration of the Holy Mass today 13th February 2022 the Second Sunday of Lent, the Bishop of the Diocese of Lafia Most Rev. David Ajang ordained Seven Seminarians into the order of the Diaconate. They newly ordained Deacons are:
1. Rev. Abashi Alexander- Queen of Apostles Shinge
2. Rev. Adeka Benjamin- St Aloysius Doma
3. Rev. Akala Otukpo Innocent- St Mary Duduguru
4. Rev. Amenvye Godwin- St William Cathedral Lafia
5. Rev. Igene Japhet- St Mary Duduguru
6. Rev. Ojobo Peter- St Theresa Kabayi
7. Rev. Onu David- St Theresa Kabayi
The Ordination was witnessed by some Priests of the Diocese of Lafia, some members of the St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary Formation Team led by Fr Samuel Akagwu, families and friends of the newly ordained Deacons among other Catholic faithful of the Diocese.
Congratulations to the newly ordained, congratulations to the Catholic Diocese of Lafia.


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria ( CBCN) has appointed His Excellency, Most Revd David Ajang as the Chairman Directorate of Social Communications.

Bishop Ajang was appointed alongside other officials to pilot the affairs of CBCN for a period of four years, at the first 2022 plenary of CBCN, held in Abuja, from Sunday 6 -Thursday- March 10 , 2022.
The Bishop’s appointment followed his readiness to use the gift of the generation (Social Media) to evangelize, and for being media friendly as well as his incredible capacity for work given to him.
The Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful of the Catholic Diocese of Lafia, therefore congratulate the bishop on this exalted appointment and pray God who made communication a veritable tool for every human and divine activity to bequeath him with the necessary wisdom and the enablement to carry out the task bestowed on him.
Revd Fr Godwin Apesuu
Ag. Director of Communications,
Catholic Diocese of Lafia.

Lafia Diocese hosts the 48th AGM/Conference of the National Laity Council of Nigeria

Representatives of the Catholic lay faithful from the 9 provinces in the country converged at the St William Cathedral Lafia for the National Conference/AGM for this year. The event lasted three days from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th December 2021.

Among many other things, the activities marking the Conference were opening Mass celebrated by the host Bishop Most Rev. David Ajang on Friday 10th December 2021, the annual General Meeting, election of New officers to pilot the affairs of the national body of the Laity for the next four years.

At the opening Mass, the Bishop encouraged the Laity to contribute their quota to the growth of the Church according to their state lending support to the clergy. He task them to see themselves as being co-responsible in the drive to move the Church forward. The Bishop also called on them to be generous to the Church by bringing in their professionality into the church in such ways that will enhance her growth and development.

In a keynote address delivered by the Bishop, Most Rev David Ajang, on the theme of the conference “Corruption the bane of Insecurity in Nigeria,” he lamented the fact that today corruption has become an industry from which many make a living and the tolerance for corruption so long as one is not caught. To help in solving the problem of corruption being a major reason for Insecurity in the country, he opined that the ‘our laws be made to have teeth and the teeth must bite and people brought to justice’

The Laity were not all by themselves in the Conference as they had in their company the Very Rev. Fr Isaac Dugu; the Director of Pastoral Agents of the Catholic secretariat of Nigeria representating the the CBCN Committee chairman on the Laity (Most Rev. John Nyiring- Catholic Bishop of Kano), the National chaplain of the Laity the Very Rev. Fr James Adamu among many other Diocesan and Provincial chaplains.

The Conference came to a close with the closing Mass presided by the Bishop of Lafia in the early hours of Sunday 12th December 2021.

Fr Donal Fennessy bows out of Parish Work, 9 Mission Areas created as 39 Priests and Deacons move in the Diocese of Lafia

His Lordship Most Rev. David Ajang annonced the voluntary decision of Fr Donal Fennessy who recently turned 80 years of age to recede from Parish work and declared the creation of nine new mission areas in the Diocese of Lafia during the celebration of the Holy Mass marking the end of the Year of St Joseph and Inauguration of the Synod on Synodality in the Diocese at the St William Cathedral Lafia.

The newly created areas are as follows; St Justina New Nyanya, St Peter Auta Balefi, St Mark Kodape, St Mary Aso B, St Joseph Kabayi, St James Tudun Amba, St Michael Jeun, St Patrick Jankawa and St Joseph BCG Keffi.

In a movement affecting 39 priests of the Diocese, he also announced the posting of the 8 newly ordained Priests of the Diocese, appointment of 9 to the newly created areas, 3 deacons and transfer of other Assistant Priests.

The 39 priests with their new posting include;

1. Fr Donal Fennessy- Queen of Apostles Shinge (In residence)
2. Fr Simon Ikpum- St Monica Koroduma (In residence)
3. Fr Samuel Iyo- St Sylvester Lokotiye, Priest in charge.
4. Fr Matthew Ibi- St Theresa Kabayi, Parish Priest.
5. Fr Hosea Tanko- Queen of Apostles Shinge, Parish Priest.
6. Fr Emmanuel Embugushiki- St Joseph Panda, Priest in charge.

New Mission Areas
7. Fr Maxwell Umbugus- St Justina New Nyanya, Priest in charge.
8. Fr Ebuga Bitrus- St Peter Auta Balefi.
9. Fr David Abimiku- St Mary Aso B.
10. Fr Abu Francis- St Joseph BCG Keffi.
11. Fr Azagaku Vincent- St Michael Jeun, Priest in charge.
12. Fr Jeremiah Bature- St Joseph Kabayi, Priest in charge.
13. Fr Clement Ibrahim- St Mark Kodape, Priest in charge.
14. Fr Matthew Dyuran- St James Tudun Amba, Priest in charge.
15. Fr Damen Joseph- St Patrick Jankawa, Priest in charge.

Assistant Priests
16. Fr Christopher Ogaji- St Aloysius Doma.
17. Fr Emmanuel Ogla, VC- Maria Assumpta Bukan Sidi Lafia.
18. Fr Godwin Apesuu- St Peter Keffi.
19. Fr Agube Timothy- Holy Emmanuel New Karu.
20. Fr Daniel John Akolo- St Sylvester New Nyanya
21. Fr Ajegena Akumbugu- St James Keffi North
22. Fr Gabi Matthew- St Francis Assakio
23. Fr Goni Christopher- St Patrick Akwanga
24. Fr Raphael Ikenna, VC- Church of Immaculate Conception Ombi II Lafia.
25. Fr Abimiku James Bitrus- St Sylvester Lokotiye.
26. Fr Vincent Odoh, VC- St Murumba Nass Eggon.
27. Fr Ayaka Peter- SS Peter and Paul Lafia.
28. Fr Adigizi Nathaniel- St Michael Garaku.
29. Fr Aga Lawrence- St Matthew Obi.
30. Fr Anga Dominic- St William Cathedral Lafia.
31. Fr Eze Jude- St Dominic Aso Pada.
32. Fr Habila Blazze- St Rita Mararaba.
33. Fr Christopher Pever, VC- St Theresa Kabayi.
34. Fr Shauibu Joshua- St Augustine Aso Pada.
35. Fr Songu Lazarus- St Anthony Kadarko.
36. Fr SimonPeter Akpenkpuum, VC- St Martin Masaka.

37. Rev. Egah Gabriel- St William Cathedral Lafia
38. Rev. Joseph Ogbonna- St Patrick Akwanga.
39. Rev. Esson SimonPeter- SS Peter and Paul Lafia