St. Aloysius Parish Doma
P. O. Box 177, Lafia
Nasarawa State
Established: 1975
Rev. Fr. Patrick Agbo=======================Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Uwaike Obinna ====================Associate Parish Priest



St. John’s Parish Agyaragu
P. O. Box 14,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 7-7-1987
Very Rev. Fr.Robert Laha==================== Parish Priest


St. Anthony’s Parish
P. O. Box 14,
Nasarawa State.
Rev. Fr. Anthony Allahnana=======================Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Ebuga Bitrus============================Associate Parish Priest


St. Mary’s Mission
Established: 8th Jan. 2009
Rev. Fr. Akwe Bala John====================Parish Priest





St. Matthew’s Parish, Obi
P. O. Box 29,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1981
Very Rev. Fr. Afariyu Marcel===================Parish Priest

St. John of the Cross Mission Keana,
P. O. Box 009,
Nasarawa State.

Established: 2002
Rev. Fr. Abba Hilary=====================Parish Priest



St. John's Indepedent Mission

Awe, Nasarawa State.

Established: 2012

Rev. Fr. Ayembugu Lawrence Soja================Priest-In Charge



St. Patrick's Independent Mission,

Imon, Nasarawa State.

Established: 11th February, 2012

Rev. Fr. David Arigu Agu  ====================Priest-In-Charge




St. William’s Cathedral Lafia
P. O. Box 29,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1970
Very Rev. Fr. Alfred Azige==================Cathedral Administrator

Rev. Fr. Joseph Kumah Timothy =============Ass. Cathedral Administrator I



Queen of Apostle, Shinge
P. O. Box 29,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 2001
Very Rev. Fr. Donal Fennessy SMA===========Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Damen Joseph==================== Ass. Parish Priest


St. Francis Parish Assakio
P. O. Box 442, Lafia,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1998
Rev. Fr. Isaac Batur==================Parish Priest


SS Peter and Paul Mission


Nasarawa State.

Established: 2003

Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Ofoku==============Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Hosea Attah=============== Priest in Residence



St. Augustine Quasi-Parish Ombi I
Nasarawa State.
Established: 8th Jan. 2009
Rev. Fr. Samuel Aluga VC======================Parish Priest


Church of Immaculate Conception, Ombi II


Nasarwa State

Established: 15th August 2019

Rev. Fr. Paul Onah VC=======================Parish Priest

Rev. Vincent Odoh VC=======================Associate Parish Priest


Maria Asumpta Independent Mission,

Bukan Sidi, Lafia.

Established: 11th February, 2012

Rev. Fr. James Adamu.===================Priest-In-Charge



St. Patrick’s Parish, Akwanga

P. O. Box 20,


Nasarawa State


Very Rev. Fr. Francis Kusa==============Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Micah James Auta=============== Ass. Parish Priest.


St. Mulumba Parish
Nasarawa Eggon
Nasarawa State
Established: 1994
Rev. Fr. Fabian Nwokocha================Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Efuna Yusuf Kakpo=============== Ass. Parish Priest.


St. Theresa Catholic Mission,
Nasarawa State
Rev. Fr. Victor T. Nayongo(CSSP)=========== Parish Priest



St. Micheal’s Mission,


P. O. Box 230, Keffi.

Nasarawa State .

Established: 1997

Rev. Fr. Peter Asan====================Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Bature===============Ass. Parish Priest.



St. Dominic Independent Mission, Akwanga

Established November, 2014

Rev. Fr. Jude Omaku=====================Parish Priest



St. Peter’s Parish
P. O. Box 26,
Nasarawa State.
Very Rev. Fr. Clement Mato============Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Idoko Stephen Oche VC========Ass. Parish Priest



St. James Mission
Keffi North,
Established: 2008

Rev. Fr. Jaki Michael ===============Parish Priest



St. Matthias Mulumba Parish

P. O. Box 26,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1968
Rev. Fr. Cosmas Bai================Parish Priest



St. Kizito’s Parish
P. O. Box 37,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1973

Rev. Fr. Amos Yakubu =================Parish Priest



Christ the King Parish, Toto
P. O. Box 41,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 1970
Rev. Fr. Christopher Edebianga (Msp)=====Parish Priest


St. Joseph the worker Indepent Mission, Panda.

Karu Local Government,

Established: 15th August, 2019.

Rev. Fr. Matthew Ibe Patrick




St. Martin’s Catholic Mission


P.O. Box 33


Nasarawa State.


Rev. Fr. Justin De Galleh===================Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Ikenna Raphael Okpalaji(Via Christi)=====Ass. Parish Priest



Holy Emmanuel Parish,

P. O. Box 13,


Nasarawa State.

Established: 1997

Very Rev. Fr. Peter Semillinso=================Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel T. Magum================Ass. Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Azagku Vincent=====================Ass. Parish Priest.


St. Sylvester’s Independent Mission,

New Nyanya.

Established 11th February, 2012

Rev. Fr. Vincent Abeshi=====================Priest-In Charge

Rev. Fr. Paul Eze (Esq)======================Priest in Residence.



Holy Trinity Independent Mission,


Established 11th Febrary, 2012

Rev. Fr. Nobert Msar===================Priest-In-Charge

Rev. Fr. Abu Francis Osote===================Ass. Parish Priest


St. Sylvester Independent Mission, Karshi

Established November, 2014

Rev. Fr. Vincent Ozegya=====================Parish Preist

Rev. Fr. Dyuran Matthew====================Ass. Parish Priest


Church of Assumption Independent Mission, Up Market,

Masaka, Karu Local Government,

Established 15th August, 2019,

Rev. Fr. Maurice M. Magaji===================Parish Priest


Matthew Independent Mission, Kuchikau I,

Masaka, Karu Local Government,

Established 15th August, 2019,

Rev. Fr. Stanley Aroh========================Parish Priest


Holy Ghost Independent Mission, Nyanya Gwandara,

Karu Local Government,

Established 15th August, 2019,

Rev. Fr. Christopher Omaku===================Parish Priest


Our Lady of Fatima Independent Mission, Ado Sama,

Karu Local Government,

Established 15th August, 2019

Rev. Fr. Innocent Ogwuche VC================Parish Priest




St. John’s Parish
P. O. Box 3187,
Garki, Abuja.
Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Garba OSA============Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Eugene Enobeme OSA

Rev Fr. Vincent Angbalaga OSA

Rev. Fr.                                           



St. Augustine’s Mission
Aso Pada,
Nasarawa State.
Established: 8th Jan. 2009.
Rev. Fr. George Shenge========================Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Akuki Ogah Alexius ==================Ass. Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Embugushiki I. Emmanuel=============Ass. Parish Priest


St. Theresa’s Mission
Nasarawa State.
Rev. Fr. Simon Ikpum=======================Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Abiminku David Embugushiki==========Ass. Parish Priest


St. Rita’s Independent Mission,

Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

Established: 11th February, 2012

Rev. Fr. Jude Maigari=======================Priest-In-charge



St. Monica’s Independent Mission,

New Karu.

Established: 11 February, 2012

Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Akuba======================Priest-In- charge

Rev. Fr. Maxwel A. Umbugus=================ASS. Priest


St. John Paul II Mission Aku

Established: November, 2014

Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Audu=====================Parish Priest.



St. Dominic Independent Mission, Aso

Established November, 2014

Rev. Fr. Manasseh Iorchir VC=================Priest In - Charge.

REv. Fr. Clement Ibrahim



SS Cosmas and Damian

Established: January, 2016

Rev. Fr. Innocent Allu=======================Priest In - Charge.




St. Micheal the Archangel Chaplaincy Keffi

Nasarawa State University,

P.O. Box 26, Keffi.

Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Jake Utonko

Established 2008


St. Matthew's Chaplaincy

College Of Education,

P.O. Box 20, Akwanga,

Nasarawa State

Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Gabriel Ngbea

Established 2005


St. Peter's Chaplaincy

Federal Polytechnic,

P. O. Box 37 Nasarawa,

Nasarawa State.

Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Francis Orfega

Established 2011.


St. Peter College, Garaku

P.O. Box 41, Nasarawa State,

Principal: Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Sa'aondo

V. Principal: Rev. Fr. Augustine Ashigabu

Established 1979


St. John Bosco Secondary School, Doma

P. O. Box 177 Lafia,

Nasarawa State.

Principal: Rev. Fr. Victor Davou.

V. Principal: Rev. Fr. Paul Asogwa

Established 1973.


Our Lady Queen of Angels Randa

Our Lady Queen of Angels



St. Augustine's College Karu,

Principal: Rev. Fr. Kenneth Eze OSA

Rev. Fr. Peter Imaji OSA

Rev. Fr. John Daruwang OSA


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