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Trainees receiving lectures on web designing and development
Trainees receiving lectures on web designing and development
Fr David Baka at the graveyard
Fr Obanure at the funeral Mass
Bishop Audu at prayer
Priests and Sisters at the graveyard
Late Fr James Baka
Funeral Mass of late Fr James Baka
Group photo with the web instructors
Group photo with the web instructors
Fr Edeh and the web instructors
Fr. Jude M. and the web instructors
Rev. Ozegya and the web instructors
Fr Orfega and the web instructors
Fr P. Genger and the web instructors
  An array of Priests at the Priestly Ordination on 8th Jan. 2011
Presentation of Candidates for ordination   The ordinands during the Litany of the Saints.
Rev Fr. Vincent Ozegya at his first mass blessing the Osana of Keana    
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