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There has been a major reshufflement of priests in the diocese of Lafia. This was announced to the priests at a gathering of all the priests with the Bishop on Wednesday 31st July, 2019. The reshufflement was announced by the Bishop himself and called on all to put in their best in their new apostolate.


The Bishop said that some where moving while others will still remain.


The list of the posting is thus:



St. Aloysius Parish Doma
Rev. Fr. Patrick Agbo                     Parish Priest


St. John’s Parish Agyaragu
Rev. Fr. Robert Laha                        Parish Priest


St. Mary’s Mission
Rev. Fr. John Akwe Bala                              Parish Priest


St. Matthew’s Parish, Obi
Very Rev. Fr. Marcel Afariyu            Parish Priest


St. John of the Cross Mission Keana,
Rev. Fr. Hilary Abba                             Parish Priest


St. Anthony’s Parish
Rev. Fr. Anthony Allahnanan                                  Parish Priest


St. John's Indepedent Mission, Awe

Rev. Fr. Lawrence Anyembugu                           Priest-In Charge



St. Patrick's Independent Mission,

Imon, Nasarawa State.

Rev. Fr. David Arigu Agu                              Priest-In-Charge




St. William’s Cathedral Lafia
Very Rev. Fr. Azige Alfred                  Cathedral Administrator
Rev. Fr. Timothy Kumah Jospeh                             Ass. Cathedral Administrator


Queen of Apostle, Shinge
Very Rev. Fr. Donal Fennessy SMA          Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Joseph Damen Ass. Parish Priest


St. Francis Parish Assakio
Rev. Fr. Isaac Batur                                  Parish Priest



SS Peter and Paul Mission


Nasarawa State.

Established: 2003

Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Ofoku                              Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Attah Hosea Tanko                    Ass. Parish Priest


St. Augustine Quasi-Parish Ombi I
Rev. Fr. Aluga Samuel VC                            Parish Priest


Church of Mary Immaculate, Ombi II

Rev. Fr. Paul Onah VC                                           Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Vincent Odoh VC                                          Parish Priest



Maria Asumpta Independent Mission,

Bukan Sidi, Lafia.

Rev. Fr. James Adamu.                                   Priest-In-Charge




St. Patrick’s Parish, Akwanga

Very Rev. Fr. Francis Kusa                                     Parish Priest

Rev. Micah Auta                                                       Ass. Parish Priest.


St. Mulumba Parish
Rev. Fr. Fabian Nwokwocha                               Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Efuna Yusuf Kakpo                            Ass. Parish Priest

St. Theresa Catholic Mission,
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Agber (CSSP)                                Parish Priest


St. Micheal’s Mission,


Rev. Fr. Peter Asan                                                   Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Bature                                       Ass   Parish Priest


St. Peter’s Parish
Rev. Fr. Clement Mato                                        Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Idoko Stephen                                        Ass. Parish Priest


St. James Mission
Keffi North,
Rev. Fr. Jaki Michael                                Parish Priest


St. Matthias Mulumba Parish
Rev. Fr. Cosmas Bai                                 Parish Priest


St. Kizito’s Parish
Rev. Fr. Amos Yakubu                         Parish Priest


Christ the King Parish, Toto
Rev. Fr. Christopher Edebianga (Msp)


St. Martin’s Catholic Mission


Rev. Fr. Justin De Galleh                                          Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Raphael Okpalaji(Via Christi)          Ass. Parish Priest



Holy Trinity Uke

Rev. Fr. Nobert Msar                                          Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Abu Francis                                     Ass.  Parish Priest                            



St. Matthew's Kuchikau I

Fr. Stanley Aroh

Holy Emmanuel Parish,

Very Rev. Fr. Semenlinso Peter                                          Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Magum T. Emmanuel                                          Ass. Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. Vincent Anzakagu                                               Ass. Parish Priest


Holy Ghost Independent Mission

Rev. Fr. Christopher Omaku                                              Parish Priest

St. John’s Parish
Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Garba OSA              Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Eugene inobeme OSA              Ass. Parish Priest                        

St. Augustine’s Mission  Aso Pada
Rev. Fr. Shenge Geogre                                        Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Akuki Affi Alexius                                     Ass. Parish PriestAss. Parish Priest.

Rev. Fr. Embugushiki Isaiah Emmanuel            Ass. Parish Priest


St. Theresa’s Mission
Rev. Fr. Ikpum Simon                                       Parish Priest
Rev. Fr.  Abimiku David Rev.                          Ass. Parish Priest


St. Rita’s Independent Mission,

Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

Rev. Fr. Jude Maigari                                                 Priest-In-charge




St. Monica’s Independent Mission,

New Karu.

Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Akuba                                                 Priest-In- charge

Rev. Fr. Umgugus M. Adigizi                                          Ass. Parish Priest


St. Sylvester’s Independent Mission,

New Nyanya.

Rev. Fr. Vincent Abeshi                                    Priest-In Charge

Rev. Fr. Paul Eze                                   Priest in Residence.


Our Lady of Fatima Ado

Rev. Fr. Ogwuche Innocent VC



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